COREHAUS is a Washington, D.C. based design build firm that creates custom objects, installations and interiors for commercial and residential clients. Our work recycles and reuses objects in untraditional ways to create unique, one-of-a-kind spaces. 

We  fuse natural, elemental aesthetics with modern sensibilities to create a palette that celebrates beauty and creative re-design. 

Enjoy the life of least resistance at Corehaus.




District based artist and Corehaus DC founder James Kerns is a former restaurateur, bike messenger, commercial fisherman and  timber-framer, who has ridden his bicycle to Mount Everest base camp and Tierra Del Fuego. James’ 3D works celebrate the enduring utility of found objects and industrial tools as they evolve from essential articles to time-worn components of the urban landscape. His work reflects a reverence for well-made materials and the natural aesthetic of human invention. James' work has been featured in numerous exhibitions including:

Hierarchy DC, Solo exhibition, 2014
100% Bread, Group exhibition, 2014
Swatchroom Showcase, Group exhibition, 2013
Fashion / Art / Design, 2013
M Central, Group exhibition, 2013
Submerge DC, Group exhibition, 2012
Pallet Project, Group exhibition, 2012
Submerge DC, Group exhibition, 2011



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