"EX-APPARATUS" press release.

Corehaus DC presents “EX-APPARATUS” Friday, March 25th 2011 @ 6-10 PM

On the evening of Friday, March 25th from 6-10PM, Corehaus DC presents “EX-APPARATUS” a collaborative art project by James Kerns & Matt Entwistle. Explore the rusty seams of the city in a three dimensional art and photography exhibit that challenges the conventional iconography of our Nation’s Capital. Both of the artists will be on hand to meet guests; food and refreshments will be served. 

Corehaus DC is a contemporary design gallery in Petworth, DC, which fuses natural, elemental aesthetics with modern sensibilities to create a palette that celebrates beauty and creative re-design. Opened in the fall of 2010, Corehaus DC sells a variety of vintage artifacts, fine art, and home furnishings made from recycled & re-purposed materials.

Corehaus owner James Kerns is a former restaurateur, bicycle messenger, commercial fisherman and co-editor of DC-based Mobile City Magazine who has ridden his bike to Mount Everest base camp and Tierra Del Fuego. James’ 3D sculptures celebrate the enduring utility of found objects and industrial tools as they evolve from  essential articles to time-worn components of the urban landscape; his work reflects a reverence for well-made materials and the natural aesthetic of human invention. James lives with his wife and 3-year-old daughter in Columbia Heights, DC.

Photographer Matt Entwistle is a licensed ship’s captain, Alaska trail-crew leader, outdoor adventure guide and poet who currently resides in the District of Columbia. Matt’s vision captures the spontaneous beauty revealed at the point where past and present collide. His photos bring to life a shifting collage of colors and depths coaxed from the crumbling visages of alleyways, abandoned lots and rust-streaked facades.

Corehaus DC is located in Petworth at 825 Upshur Street, NW Washington, DC. Contact information, directions and more details may be found at: www.corehaus.com, or call James at 202.629.3966.