Special thanks to No Kings Collective

Special thanks to Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of NKC for their work organizing Submerge DC! Thousands came down to 1005 7th NW in Washington DC this weekend to see works by Tim Conlon, Juan Pineda, Kelly Towles, Francisco Esteban, Lindsey Labella, Truth Among Liars, Paul Mericle, Asad Walker, Tariq Tucker, themselves of course, and yours truly. Great music, food and fashion were on hand as well.

Thanks also to Douglas Development, Alexander M. Padro of Shaw Main Streets, and Ariana Austin of Nuit Blanche. 

The building’s stacked-brick walls, crumbling mortar and massive exposed joists provoked visuals straight out of Blade Runner which were further enhanced by the stunning graphics and 3-D installations of the aforementioned artists. An exciting list of musicians including District MC Oddisee, the lovely Alison Carney, StereoFaith et al, plus a verve-laden fashion display by Quincy Jones with DYDC helped propel this event to cosmopolitan proportions. Hitch-up your trousers DC, we are on the up escalator.